New job – new life

We are №1
at scientific and entertainment events

96 CIS and European cities
1 345 000 delighted visitors in 2 years

We popularise future
technologies and robotics, and what is more – feelings
and emotions associated with them

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Alfia and Daniil at a Robopark exhibition in Poland

in Mirey Robotics


Shows an exhibit, gives visitors information about it and shows them how one can interact with it


Gives instructions on how to operate exhibits, repairs and keeps them safe and creates new ones.


Arranges the effective work of the team, teaches and supports newcomers, helps to resolve clients` problems


Arranges opening of a subsidiary, controls the implementation of established plans and standards

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You can see the countryand the world:
we work in Russia,CIS countries,
and other countries of the world.

We will help you to design a convenient schedule.

New technologies every day.

Access to the electronic knowledge base and online-learning.

Good prospects of career advancement.
Your formal education doesn’t matter.

We will teach you everything, your passion is the key to the success.

More than just
a job

In Mirey Robotics you will find new friends, explore your talents, develop a career and change your life.

We will teach you:
• teamwork;
• how to reach integrated solutions;
• how to manage people and processes;
• and we will show you how the international company works from within.

What are you waiting for?

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Who can you become
in Mirey Robotics?

Top Manager

We love new

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We are constantly improving our exhibitions; we come up with new themes and continually introduce cutting edge technologies from all over the world. In Mirey Robotics you`ll get to learn unique robots and gadgets; you will understand how they work and get an opportunity to interact with them.


We are constantly improving working conditions for our employees to work with great satisfaction. That`s why we`ve created a reward system that can help our staff to almost double their monthly income. We operate a “sincere service” policy: we aim to do more for our visitors than required, that`s why our company is considered the best on its market.


Our company respects its traditions and values it`s fostered during 2 years of its existence. Our employees are important to us, therefore we want them to know our goals, our story and how our exhibitions work. For that reason we`ve created a “Book for Recruits” that provides detailed and clear description of our work. Short version of the book is available for you right now.

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